Friday, April 26, 2013

On Fast Forward

April has been a very difficult month for me. Lots of overwhelming events have occurred in my personal and professional life. But to top it off, I had to move during the last weekend of the month. When you're a young, single woman, moving isn't easy, especially when you have a hard time asking people for help. On the morning of moving day--today, I was so physically and emotionally exhausted, I had this wish that I could have just fast forwarded through April--simply skipped all the hard things I experienced and felt and saw. But then, I realized that if I could do that, I would also miss all the joys and blessings I also received during that difficult time. In my mind, I began to reflect on them, and I was amazed and overwhelmed by all the good, beautiful things that happened amidst the painful, challenging times. Here's a list of some that I thought of:

  • I got to teach a few friends how to play cribbage, which is my favorite card game. We even played a few times after that!
  • I got to go to Salt Lake and sing on Temple Square.
  • I caught a cold, but it only lasted two or three days.
  • I went on a really fun group date where we played Minute to Win It games. My date and I won!
  • My younger sister submitted her mission papers so she can serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is such an amazing example to me.
  • I got a pay raise!
  • Spring is here, and that finally means flowers are coming up and blooming. The world is starting to look beautiful.
  • I went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for the first time. That is quite the experience!
  • That same night, at Tucanos, I happened to run into one of my roommates from a few years ago. I only lived with her for a summer, but she is so amazing, just thinking about her makes me smile!
  • My visiting teacher got me flowers because she knew things were hard. I don't think she knew how much I love flowers, though!
  • I can think of two nights when I was feeling particularly discouraged and really needed someone. Each night, I was able to find someone to sit with me and cheer me up.
  • After having done something very difficult, but for the benefit of others, my dad told me he was proud of me.
  • If I ever need a hug, I have one friend who gives the best hugs, whether I'm discouraged or having a good day.
  • When I was packing, I took the time to go through the box of "Things I Might Want Someday." It's things like notes or letters people wrote to me, ticket stubs, cards, wedding announcements from close friends, and cute things my little sister wrote or drew for me. I loved reading all those things again because they are reminders of happy times.
  • My parents were able to come and help me move. That was special because they've never been able to do that--not even when I first left home when I was 17.

I know if I took more time to think about all the positive things that happened in April, I could make a longer list. It's nice to realize that the world is a beautiful place, and there's no need to fast forward. Just fight your battle from beginning to end.

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